I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue

The self-styled antidote to panel games.

I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue has been delighting fans since 1972. Since its inception 'Clue' has seen its success blossom from the impish son of 'I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again' to the big daddy of all panel games.

The format of the game is very simple: four players are given silly things to do by the Chairman, with Colin Sell setting some of them to music. It has always been billed as 'the antidote to panel games', although the panel games to which it was originally an antidote are now long gone.

'Clue' continues to enjoy a long
and successful run on BBC
Radio 4, and in 2007 the show
took on a new life with the first of many national tours, recruiting Jeremy Hardy as the fourth panellist. The format of the touring show is a 'Greatest Hits' presentation, sourcing the very finest material from Clue's enormous archives (ably retrieved by Samantha and her two kindly archivist friends). The tour show looks just like a recording, feels like a recording, sounds like a recording, and audience members are also treated to their very own kazoo, surely the best value for money on the British stage today.

After over 40 years of entertaining audiences, the world of Clue continues to expand and evolve, constantly creating new games and welcoming a new generation of Clue players, attracting new fans along the way.